Art and Design


The aim of Art and Design at St Anne's is to develop creativity whilst engaging, inspiring and challenging our pupils, giving them the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create. In doing so, allowing the children to think critically, gain an understanding of art and design and reflect on how it shapes our history and contributes to the culture, creativity and wealth of the nation.


At St Anne's, we celebrate the uniqueness of all our children, by giving them the opportunities to explore their ideas; experimenting, inventing and creating their own works using a range of materials. Building and embedding a variety of skills and techniques; nurturing knowledge for lifelong learning and achievement.


Art and Design Ambassadors

Klaudia, Sam, Kobie & Alexia - Year 6

Tiana, James & Jamie - Year 5

Sean David, Thomas & Eloise - Year 4

Alex & Kaspar - Year 3

Ethan, Darcie - Year 2


Pupil Voice

'There is no right or wrong answer because everyone is different. Art allows you to use your creativity and inspires us on so many levels.' Grace Y6

'No one will judge me because every piece of art is unique.' Abbie Y6


Challenge: Create some wild art



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Day 1 - Think about being invisible

Write down what you think it would feel like to be invisible.

What do you think is the best thing about being invisible?

What is the worst thing?

 What is a change only an invisible person could make?


Day 2 - Looking & listening

How many handles do you think there are in your house?

How many yellow things do you think there are in your house?

How many things larger than you are there in your house?

Now go and count and find out how close your guesses really were.


What is your favourite room in your house?

Which room is your least favourite?

If you could change one thing about your house what would it be?

Draw a map of your house.

Mark on it all your favourite and least favourite places.


Day 3 - Thinking & dreaming

Get a fork from the kitchen.

How many uses can you imagine for this fork?

How could you use a fork in the garden?

How could you use a fork in the bath?

How could you use a fork to make music?

How could you use a fork to draw a picture?

Write a list of a many different uses for a fork as you can think of.

See if you can come up with 10 or even 20. Or even 30.

What about other things you can find in your house?

How many ways can you use them?


Draw a map of your house.

Imagine all the changes you would make if you could.

All the new uses you would make of it.


Day 4 - Making & doing

Move a chair 1cm to the left.
Turn a cup to face the other way.
Clean a dirty window.
Make 5 tiny changes to your house and challenge your family to see if they can find them.


Look at the map you drew of your dream house.
Find something on there that you could do now, even in a small and temporary way.
If you want to plant flowers, draw a picture of some flowers and put them in the place you want the flowers to be.
Or if you want a tidying robot make a robot and then do the tidying yourself and tell everyone the robot did it.
Find a way to make your ideas become a tiny bit real.


Day 5 - Being an invisible urbanist

Think of 10 small ways of changing the world.

Write each one down on a piece of paper.

Put all the pieces of paper in a bowl and put the bowl on a shelf.

Pick out one piece of paper a week from the bowl.

Try to do the thing that’s written on your piece of paper.


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