School Council and Pupil Voice

At St Anne’s we aim to be a community that fosters positive relationships. We believe that Pupil Voice is an integral part of our school community. By providing our pupils with the opportunities to have their say and influence our school for the better, we empower our pupils to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Through representation on School Council and as Friendship and Sports Ambassadors we give our pupils the key skills of:






In the past few years, Pupil Voice has played a vital role in:

Collecting pupil opinions through the school

Reporting back to senior leaders and governors

Organising whole school events

Raising money for charity

Completing environmental projects

In all we do:  We Learn to Love and Love to Readiness for Life.


Meet our new Pupil Voice team! Here are the new Sports Ambassadors, Friendship Ambassadors and School Councillors for St Anne’s 2021-2022.







In our first meeting, we discussed our ideas. The main idea was to create a friendship area where anyone who feels sad or lonely can go and speak with a friendship ambassador. This plan is now underway so watch this space!






Previous Projects

Pupil Voice 2020-2021

This is our first project for this year. The Pupil Voice Rainbow Challenge will be in each child’s SCORE Passport. There will be six challenges posted over the year. The seventh box is for a random act of kindness, and will be awarded by your teachers. For each challenge you complete, you will receive a stamp.  Anyone who completes all of the challenges will be entered into a prize draw at the end of the year.



Challenge 1 – Set  by our Sports Ambassadors

In November, Joe Wicks did an incredible 24 hour workout for the BBC Children in Need Challenge 2020. At St Anne’s we aimed to match this! We asked all of our children to pledge 15 minutes of fitness.

Our amazing Sports Ambassadors thought of five exercises that anyone could try at home or in school.

A massive thank you to everyone who pledged their 15 minutes!

We are proud to announce that as a school we managed to nearly double our target of 24 hours.

We also raised £270 which was split between Children in Need and the Poppy Appeal.

Thank you for all of your support!



Friendship Ambassador Project