Reading: To infinity and beyond 

At St. Anne’s we aim to empower all pupils, regardless of background or ability, to become fluent, confident readers. Reading is the key to unlocking knowledge; it is the path to future success. Once we learn to read, we can read to learn. Reading can take us beyond our everyday experiences to new ideas, different worlds, alternative cultures and other times.

From the moment pupils start our school, they are immersed in a text-rich curriculum and a language rich environment. Through the teaching of phonics, they are given the knowledge and skills they need to decode words and understand what they read. Our choice of high quality texts values pupils who our pupils are and where they come from, and also introduces them to cultural and social contexts beyond those they are familiar with. Through reading, pupils will expand their knowledge, their vocabulary and gain understanding of culture and the world around them.  Our vision is that all children will develop a life-long love of reading. They will read confidently and competently for purpose and for pleasure. As skilled readers, they are ready for life! They can gain powerful knowledge in any area they choose and can go anywhere they wish to go – the sky is the limit!


"I like reading because it's a passport to countless adventures. No matter where you are it can transport you to a different world. Sometimes the world's magic, sometimes it's full of reality. You meet so many characters and personalities it's like a journey that never ends" - Millie Y6


Writing: Make your voice heard and change the world!

Our aim is that all St. Anne’s pupils will become confident, competent writers and develop their own authentic writing voices Writing gives children a way to effectively communicate with others: to share their ideas, thoughts, emotions, cultural identity and express who they are. Through a text-rich writing curriculum, we will expose children to new worlds, experiences and ideas, expanding their vocabulary and their horizons. Our choice of texts will both value and confirm who our pupils are and where they come from, and introduce them to cultural and social contexts beyond those they are familiar with.

Throughout their school life, children will be taught the skills they need to become accomplished writers, enabling them to express themselves clearly and confidently for a wide range of purposes. They will be provided with meaningful contexts and purposes for writing across the curriculum. As competent, confident writers, St. Anne's pupils will have the power to make their own voices heard, to influence others and to change the world!

"I love writing in English because it makes me feel free, like I can do anything! Every lesson opens my eyes to the world around me. It expands my knowledge, gives me opportunities, gives me a second chance! Every minute of every lesson of every day! English is amazing!" - Isabella Y6


To find out more about what Reading and Writing look like at our school, click the links to the reading and writing pages at the very bottom of this page.


English Subject Ambassadors

Y2 - 

Y3 - Charlotte, Tilly

Y4 -  Gaby, Oliver, Eli, Cooper 

Y5- Lillie, Lois, Patrick

Y6- Ruby C, Mia, Jack 


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Summer Reading Challenge

Congratulations to all of our children who completed the Summer Reading Challenge set by St Helens Library. We are so proud of your achievements! 

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