Year 4 2018 - 2019

Mrs Volynchook

Welcome to Year 4!

This year, the class is being taught by Mrs Porter, Mrs Volynchook and Mrs.Ashton

Class topics for the Summer Term in Lower Key Stage 2 is Laudato SiWe shall continue looking into our local surroundings and the local area geographical features and be comparing them to other countries.  We are still focussing on The Dream and hope to create wonderful sculptures.  Our artwork will be focussed on our Science topic of Plants and also our geographical landscapes.   Our Come and See topics are New Life, Building bridges and God's places.   In PE we will be looking at core and multi-fitness and also athletics.  In Spanish months of the year, fruits and colours shall be taught and in Computing we shall continue using Coding.

Class topics for the Spring Term in Lower Key Stage 2 are Ex Terra Lucem.  We shall be looking into our local surroundings and the rich industry and history of coal mining and glass productions.  We shall compare landscapes today, such as The Dream and compare to times gone by and produce some artwork in the style of L.S.Lowry landscapes.  Our Come and See topic is Community and in Science will be looking at Light.  In PE we will be doing Gymnastics and Dance - stepping to the beat.  In Spanish animals shall be taught and in Computing we shall continue using Coding.

Our class topics this Autumn term are Invaders and Settlers, Animals including humans and Come and See topic is Called.

For further details of the topics being covered this year, please see the Curriculum Overview.

We are continuing living out our Mission Statement and have discussed the Great War this week.

PE day is Monday so and the children are allowed, each day, to bring a water bottle in. All items of uniform should be named to prevent anything from going missing or unclaimed!

A gentle reminder that earings are not part of school uniform and should not be worn to school. Thank you for your understanding in this health and safety matter.

Week commencing 1.4.19 we shall be looking at Bee and Me and linking into Autism Awareness week we will be appreciating how we are all unique and all different and that is alright.

wards for week commencing 03.05.19

Pupil of the week: Lewis  Writer of the week: Viktor

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Amy-Lea Committment: amy-Lea Organisation: Amy-Lea Resilience:Amy-Lea Excellence: Amy-Lea

wards for week commencing 30.04.19

Pupil of the week: India  Writer of the week: Oscar K

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Oscar W Committment: Zuzanna Organisation: Ethan Resilience:Isabella  Excellence: James

Awards for week commencing 26.04.19

Pupil of the week: Oscar K  Writer of the week: Ben

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Evie Committment: Ben Organisation: Olivia Resilience:Skye  Excellence: India

Awards for week commencing 25.3.19

Pupil of the week: Chloe  Writer of the week: Tom

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Isabella Committment: Tom Organisation: Lucy Resilience:Heidi  Excellence: Olivia B

Awards for week commencing 18.3.19

Pupil of the week: Isabella  Writer of the week: Nina

Score awards:

Self Esteem: India Committment: Amy-Lea Organisation: Nina Resilience:Oscar K  Excellence: Skye

Awards for week commencing 11.3.19

Pupil of the week: Skye  Reader of the week: Oscar W

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Olivia E Committment: Imogen Organisation: India Resilience:Viktor  Excellence: Kai

Awards for week commencing 4.3.19

Pupil of the week: Oscar W  Reader of the week: India

Score awards:

Self Esteem: India Committment: Daniel Organisation: James Resilience:Imogen  Excellence: Ben

Awards for week commencing 25.2.19

Pupil of the week: Lucy  Writer of the week: Olivia E

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Chloe Committment: India Organisation: Skye Resilience:Amy-Lea  Excellence: Viktor

Awards for week commencing 4.2.19

Pupil of the week: Viktor  Writer of the week: Lucy

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Imogen Committment: Anas Organisation: Oscar W Resilience:Olivia K  Excellence: James

Awards for week commencing 28.1.19

Pupil of the week: Olivia E  Writer of the week: Viktor

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Olivia B Committment: Olivia E Organisation: Zuzanna  Resilience: Ben  Excellence: Amy-Lea

Explore Learning visit 30.1.19

Today we were lucky enough to work with Amy and Hannah from Explore Learning to complete a team maths challenge. The children loved the practical tasks and working with one another. Ask your child to show you the activity booklet they worked through and the information leaflet they have brought home.


Well done to Lewis and India who were crowned our “Fearless Learners” during the session!



Awards for week commencing 21.1.19

Pupil of the week: Mckenzie  Writer of the week: Heidi

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Anas Committment: Mckenzie Organisation: James   Resilience: Oscar K   Excellence: India

Awards for week commencing 14.1.19

Pupil of the week: Daniel  Writer of the week: Lewis

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Olivia E  Committment: James  Organisation: Skye     Resilience: Lucy    Excellence: Imogen

Score awards:

Awards for week commencing 7.1.19

Pupil of the week: Anas  Writer of the week: Daniel

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Olivia K Committment: Olivia K  Organisation:India  Resilience: Daniel Excellence: Lewis

Awards for week commencing 03.12.18

Pupil of the week: India  Writer of the week: Imogen

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Amy-Lea Committment: Nina  Organisation:Olivia B  Resilience: Heidi Excellence: Tom

Awards for week commencing 19.11.18

Pupil of the week: Olivia K   Writer of the week: India

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Zuzanna Committment: Ethan  Organisation: Heidi  Resilience: Thomas Excellence: Lewis

Awards for week commencing 12.11.18

Pupil of the week: Amy-Lea   Writer of the week: Ethan 

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Zuzanna Committment: Ethan  Organisation: Heidi  Resilience: Thomas Excellence: Lewis

Awards for week commencing 5.11.18

Pupil of the week:Chloe   Writer of the week: Olivia

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Ethan Committment: Olivia K  Organisation: Oscar K  Resilience: Heidi Excellence: Skye

Awards for week commencing 29.10.18

Pupil of the week:Ethan   Writer of the week: James

Score awards:

Self Esteem:  India Committment: Lewis  Organisation: Thomas  Resilience: Lucy Excellence: Heidi

Awards for week commencing 08.10.18:

Pupil of the week:James  Writer of the week: Olivia B

Score awards:

Self Esteem:  Skye Committment: Anas  Organisation: Ethan  Resilience: Kai Excellence: Mckenzie

Awards for week commencing 01.10.18:

Pupil of the week: Nina Writer of the week: Mckenzie

Score awards:

Self Esteem:  Nina Committment:Zuzanna Organisation: Evie Resilience: James Excellence: Chloe

Awards for week commencing 24.09.18:

Pupil of the week: Heidi Writer of the week: Zuzanna

Score awards:

Self Esteem:  Amy-Lea Committment:Imogen, Organisation: Jayden, Resilience: Skye, Excellence: Lucy

Awards for week commencing 17.09.18:

Pupil of the week: Evie Writer of the week: Kai

Score awards:

Self Esteem:  Olivia K  , Committment: Ben, Organisation: Heidi, Resilience: Anas, Excellence: Zuzanna

Awards for week commencing 10.09.18:

Pupil of the week: Olivia B, Writer of the week: Chloe

Score awards:

Self Esteem: Daniel, Committment: Olivia B, Organisation: Olivia E, Resilience: Amy-Lea, Excellence: Viktor


12th September - Viking Day 


We had an amazing day finding out about the vikings !





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