Year 6 2019 - 2020

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Welcome to Year 6

Mrs Ward, Mrs Evans and Mr Connick


Welcome to our Year 6 class page.

Summer Half Term 2 - Welcome Back.

I will be adding work each week to our class home-learning page for those of you learning at home. It is important that you have a go at as many of the tasks as you can at home to help you get ready for moving to High School.

Please connect through Class Dojo so we can share messages and support your with your learning. If you are unable to log in, contact

For any queries about passwords or home learning activities, contact the email address below and somebody will respond during school hours 9-3.15 Monday-Friday: 

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Year 6 2019 - 2020

This is the place for you to discover what is going on in Year 6. We will be posting regular updates, so you can view our amazing work and all the exciting learning taking place in class. Keep checking back to see more wonderful things as the year progresses.

Week Beginning 16th March 2020

For those pupils learning from home this week due to the coronavirus, please click on the 'Home Learning' tab at the top of the page to find out what we are learning at school and tasks you can complete at home. Keep checking this regularly for updates.


6th March 2020

Pupil of the week: Rebecca H

Writer of the week: Finlay C

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem = Chloe ,  Commitment = Aidan C ,  Organisation = Grace H  , Resilience =Julia  ,   Excellence = Ben S

Week Beginning 10.2.20

Half Term Learning Project. What does...

mean to you?

Produce a piece of artwork, a photograph, writing, poem, model or anything else to explain!



This week we began our topic on Forces in Science.

Click the image below to see our Forces Knowledge Organiser

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Week Beginning 27.1.20

This week we began our topic on Communication in Computing - looking at how we communicate in thee digital age.

Click the image below to see our Computing Knowledge Organiser

Week Beginning 3.2.20

Pupil of the week: Aidan

Writer of the week:  Thomas

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem = Olivia R,  Commitment = ,  Organisation =  , Resilience = Isabella ,   Excellence = 

Week Beginning 27.1.20

This week we began our topic on Communication in Computing - looking at how we communicate in thee digital age.

Click the image below to see our Computing Knowledge Organiser

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Pupil of the week: 

Writer of the week:  

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem = Olivia R,  Commitment = ,  Organisation =  , Resilience = Isabella ,   Excellence = 

Week Beginning 9.12.19

We have finally made it into our new, spacious classroom and are making ourselves at home! This week we have been learning to write newspaper reports and started work on fractions. Year 6 have impressed us all with their resilience as we have faced yet another change. They have coped amazingly well and continue to work hard!

Pupil of the week:  Charlie

Writer of the week:  Jack

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem = Charlie,  Commitment = Ben S ,  Organisation = Alex,   Resilience = Ferdinand  ,   Excellence = Chloe

Week Beginning 2.12.19

Pupil of the week:  Daisie O

Writer of the week:  Finlay

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem = Leoni,  Commitment = ,  Organisation = Mrs P, Miss W and Miss G   Resilience =  ,   Excellence = Grace H

Week Beginning 25.11.19

We have immersed ourselves in our artwork this week, studying the work of Hundertwasser and looking at architecture around us for inspiration. We have also had a go at drawing with perspective.

Click the link to read our Art & Design knowledge planner

In maths, we have continued or work on multiplication and division by looking at products, factors, and prime numbers.

Pupil of the week:  Lily

Writer of the week:  Leoni

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem = Max ,  Commitment = Daisie O,  Organisation = Olivia D,   Resilience =  Harrison,   Excellence = Mason


Week Beginning 18.11.19

We have continued reading our class text, Holes by Louis Sachar. We have been engrossed in the text during Reciprocal Reading sessions, discussing characters and events in the text. We also spent time outdoors  building dens as research for writing a survival guide.


Pupil of the week: Ben S

Writer of the week: Olivia R 

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem = Finlay ,  Commitment = Lucas ,  Organisation = Abbie ,   Resilience =  Ben B,   Excellence = Harrison


Week Beginning 11.11.19

This week, we began our new class text: Holes by Louis Sachar. We also continued our Science learning, finding out about reversible and irreversible changes.

Pupil of the week:  Daisy D

Writer of the week: Daisie O 

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem = Phoebe,  Commitment = Rebecca ,  Organisation = Aidan ,   Resilience =  Thomas,   Excellence = Leoni 

Week Beginning 14.10.19

An incredibly successful week for Year 6. Well done to Abbie and Max who represented the school at a Democracy Debate at the town hall. Also, well done to Leoni and Millie for representing St.Helens at football! We are incredibly proud of you all! This week, we have also started our Science topic on properties of materials. We conducted a number of investigations to find out which materials are best for different purposes.

Pupil of the week:  

Writer of the week: Casey 

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem = Nieve ,  Commitment = Mason ,  Organisation =  ,   Resilience = Finlay ,   Excellence = Abbie and Max 


Week Beginning 7.10.19

This week we completed our design brief in D.T. and made delicious, healthy pizzas!

Pupil of the week: Ben S

Writer of the week: Thomas T

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem =  ,  Commitment = ,  Organisation = ,   Resilience = ,   Excellence = 



Week Beginning 30.9.19

This week, Year 6 have all been trained in basic first aid. They really enjoyed the session! We also starte our D.T. topic on food, finding out about a healthy balanced diet and researching how to make a healthy pizza. We even designed, made and evaluated a pizza box.

Pupil of the week: Chloe

Writer of the week: Isabella

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem = Daisie ,  Commitment = Charlie,  Organisation = Julia,   Resilience = Jack,   Excellence = Lily

Click the link to read our Design Technology knowledge planner


Week Beginning 23.9.19

This week we have been busy Geographers, finding out about import and export and investigating where our food comes from. We then linked this to our topic on Rainforests to look at the impact of deforestation.


Pupil of the week: Harrison

Writer of the week: Abbie

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem = Emily,  Commitment = Tommy,  Organisation = Casey,   Resilience = Maya,   Excellence = Grace

Week Beginning 16.9.19

Time flies! We have already been in Year 6 3 weeks! This week, we have continued our learning journey about rainforests and the class have impressed us with their descriptive writing about the clip "Ruin".

Pupil of the week: Julia

Writer of the week: Millie

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem = Aidan,  Commitment = Harrison,  Organisation = Caitlin,   Resilience = Phoebe,   Excellence = Olivia


Week Beginning 9.9.19

A great week in Year 6. We have been writing about Hansel and Gretel, expanding our locational knowledge about where Rainforest are found and have started our R.E. topic about ourselves. We have also had a visit from our local M.P. to find out more about how laws are made in our country.

Pupil of the week: Ferdinand

Writer of the week: Kuba

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem = Daisy D,  Commitment = Mia,  Organisation = Rebecca,   Resilience = Leoni,   Excellence = Millie

Week Beginning 2.9.19

Year 6 have settled amazingly well into class and have impressed all of their teachers with their positive attitudes, hard work and resilience. Well done for those who brought in home-learning on rainforests. We are really looking forward to sharing your knowledge when we start our geography learning journey next week.

Pupil of the week: Max

Writer of the week: Joshua W

S.C.O.R.E. Values

Self-esteem = Thomas T,  Commitment = Nieve,  Organisation = Julia,   Resilience = Molly,   Excellence = Kuba

We look forward to seeing you back in school on Tuesday 3rd September for another fantastic packed year! Our first topic is Geography and we will be studying Rainforests. See what you can find out over the holidays.

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