Year 3 2019 - 2020

Mr Burton


Welcome To Year 3!

Welcome to our class web page. We have lots of exciting learning to look forward to this year. This is the place for you to discover what is going on in Year 3. We will be posting updates every week, so you can view our amazing work and all the exciting learning taking place in class. 

Teaching your class this year will be Mr Burton, Miss Hall, Mrs Lyons,  Mrs McGregor and Miss Grice.

P.E. shall be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, please ensure that all kit is labelled and left in school.


February Half Term Learning Project. What does...

mean to you?

Produce a piece of artwork, a photograph, writing, poem, model or anything else to explain!

Class topics for the Autumn Term in Key Stage 2 are as follows: 

We shall begin with recapping our Mission Statement, SCORE Values and Class rules and expectations.

Our Journey in Love will be exploring how God loves us in our difference and how we can learn to accept who I am and how to deal with difference and manage conflict when it arises.  In PSHE we shall explore rights and responsibilities and what we are responsible for at home, in school and the local environment.  In our Come and See we shall look at Homes and Promises and Collective Worship will have the weekly themes of Friendship, Resilience, Forgiveness, Gifts and Talents, Love, Commitment, Thankfulness and Self-Esteem. 

Science will explore Rocks and Minerals and Electricity.  In Geography, the structure of the Earth and their plate boundaries shall be explored and in Design Technology this will be discussed with the children. 

Our classroom is ready for a brand new academic year which will be full of fun and challenges along the way…

Week Beginning 2nd March:

Pupil Of The Week - Isabelle

Writer Of The Week - Joseph

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Elise

Commitment - Jack

Organisation - Caiden

Resilience - Alfie

Excellent - Maya

World Book Day 2020:


Week Beginning 24th February:

Pupil Of The Week - Lilly

Writer Of The Week - Amy

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Eloise

Commitment - Jacob G

Organisation - Maisie

Resilience - Lilly

Excellent - Liberty-Pearl


Week Beginning 3rd February:

Pupil Of The Week - Jacob G

Writer Of The Week - Maisie F

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Amelia B

Commitment - Lilly-May

Organisation - Jacob BK

Resilience - Joseph

Excellent - Priya


Week Beginning 27th January:

Pupil Of The Week - Olivia W

Writer Of The Week - Lois

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Maisie

Commitment - Anna

Organisation - Jakub

Resilience - Oliver

Excellent - Emelia R


Week Beginning 20th January:

Pupil Of The Week - Ethan

Writer Of The Week - Jacob BK

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Emelia F

Commitment - Lucy

Organisation - Amy

Resilience - Thomas

Excellent - Lewis


Week Beginning 13th January:

Pupil Of The Week - Liberty-Pearl

Writer Of The Week - Maya

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Amelia Y

Commitment - Jakub O

Organisation - Ethan

Resilience - Jack

Excellent - Caiden


Week Beginning 6th January:

Pupil Of The Week - Jack

Writer Of The Week - Amelia B

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Anna

Commitment - Thomas

Organisation - Priya

Resilience - Olivia I

Excellent - Lilly-May


Week Beginning 2nd December:

Pupil Of The Week - Maisie

Writer Of The Week - Oliver

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Jacob G

Commitment - Emelia F

Organisation - Emelia R

Resilience - Liberty-Pearl

Excellent - Lilly


Week Beginning 25th November:

Pupil Of The Week - Priya

Writer Of The Week - Thomas

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Maya

Commitment - Jacob BK

Organisation - Lois

Resilience - Ethan

Excellent - Lewis


Week Beginning 18th November:

Pupil Of The Week - Amellia.Y

Writer Of The Week - Jacob G

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Lucy

Commitment - Elise

Organisation - Eloise

Resilience - Maisie

Excellent - Isabelle


Week Beginning 11th November:

Pupil Of The Week - Joseph

Writer Of The Week - Lucy

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Megan

Commitment - Amy

Organisation - Amelia B

Resilience - Oliver

Excellent - Alfie


Week Beginning 14th October:

Pupil Of The Week - Emelia F

Writer Of The Week - Olivia I

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Maisie

Commitment - Elise

Organisation - Jakub

Resilience - Lucy

Excellence - Caiden


Week Beginning 7th October:

Pupil Of The Week - Amy

Writer Of The Week - Jack

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Ethan

Commitment - Elise

Organisation - Anna

Resilience - Lois

Excellence - Eloise


Week Beginning 30th September:

Pupil Of The Week - Lewis

Writer Of The Week - Lilly

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Amellia Y

Commitment - Emelia F

Organisation - Olivia W

Resilience - Jack

Excellence - Thomas


Week Beginning 23rd September:

Pupil Of The Week - Lois

Writer Of The Week - Isabelle

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Jacob B

Commitment - Amelia B

Organisation - Lucy

Resilience - Maisie

Excellence - Maya


Week Beginning 16th September:

Pupil Of The Week - Alfie

Writer Of The Week - Caiden

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Megan

Commitment - Jacob G

Organisation - Liberty-Pearl

Resilience - Priya

Excellence - Lilly-May


Week Beginning 9th September:

Pupil Of The Week - Emelia R

Writer Of The Week - Anna

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Isabelle

Commitment - Amellia Y

Organisation - Oliver

Resilience - Lewis

Excellence - Amy


Week Beginning 2nd September:

Pupil Of The Week - Eloise

Writer Of The Week - Elise

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Lilly

Commitment - Alfie

Organisation - Joseph

Resilience - Emelia R

Excellence - Olivia I

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