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Welcome To Year 3!

Welcome to our class web page. We have lots of exciting learning to look forward to this year. This is the place for you to discover what is going on in Year 3. We will be posting updates every week, so you can view our amazing work and all the exciting learning taking place in class. 

Teaching your class this year will be Mr Burton, Miss Gilardi and Mrs Maguire.

Please see the attached Curriculum Overview document to look at what topics are going to be taught in Year 3.

Our classroom is ready for a brand new academic year which will be full of fun and challenges along the way…

Week Beginning 12th November:

Pupil Of The Week - Halex

Writer Of The Week - Mia Mc

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Lucy

Commitment - James

Organisation - Charlotte

Resilience - Ava

Excellence - Ruby C

This week, Year 3 have been writing about the beginning of a new story called 'The Pea and The Princess'. This is Year 3's brand new topic in Literacy. In Maths, the children have moved onto Multiplication and Division. We have looked identifying and solving multiplication problems using arrays and find all possible equations represented to that array. In Science, we have continued learning about the Digestive System. This week, we have been looking at how to describe the functions of the parts of the Digestive System as well as understand the role each part plays in the process. In RE, we have continued to look at the story of Moana. Year 3 have written a diary entry as well as reflect and identify the reasons of why Moana was chosen by the sea and how she learned the truth. 

Week Beginning 5th November:

Pupil Of The Week - Jack

Writer Of The Week - Maria

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Joseph

Commitment - Charlie

Organisation - Evie

Resilience - John

Excellence - Emily

This week, Year 3 have written a narrative piece of writing that helps retell part of the story in our final week of The Adventures of The Dish and The Spoon. In Maths, we have looked at hoe to problem solve using addition when working with money, to solve 1 step problems using addition and subtraction and to identify and solve capacity problems. For our Norway topic, Year 3 have designed their own delicious and mouth watering Norweigan and English Food Menu whilst comparing the different foods that both countries can provide to tourists. In RE, our brand new topic is 'Called' and the children have been answering key questions as well as reflect on what does it mean to be called by others. Finally, today in Science, Year 3 took part in a practical Science lesson where they could physically understand and recongise how the Digestive System works and process that food undergoes once they are inside our own stomachs.



Week Beginning 29th October:

Pupil Of The Week - Tiana

Writer Of The Week - Ruby F

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Mark

Commitment - George

Organisation - Mia Mc

Resilience - Olivia

Excellence - Tiana

This week, Year 3 have written and produced their own version of a wanted poster for the character 'Dish' in our continued topic; The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon. In Maths, Year 3 have continued to both mentally add and subtract 2 digit and 3 digit numbers as well as identify and calculate the total of coins when added together. As part of our Creative Curriculum, the children have finished learning about Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. Our new topic is 'Norway'. For the first lesson, the children demonstrated what they know and would like to learn about the country Norway. Finally, we recorded and compared key facts about Norway and England such as population, capital city, religion, geographical location and language spoken. 

Week Beginning 15th October:

Pupil Of The Week - Isabelle

Writer Of The Week - Ava

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Holly

Commitment - Ruby F

Organisation - Mia P

Resilience - Benny

Excellence - Elena

This week, Year 3 have completed their diary entry in their new topic; The Adventures of The Dish and The Spoon as well as focus on the next part of the story. In Maths, the children have continued to learn about how add and subtract a 3 digit number from a 2 digit number in a variety of different contexts. In RE, the children have learned about Islam and created their own Quran cover using Islamic symbols. On Friday, it was Oscar Romero Day. To celebrtate this special day, the children dressed up in what they aspire and dream to become in the future. We had footballers, hairdressers, archeologists, engineers, fashion desginers and teachers!

Week Beginning 8th October:

Pupil Of The Week - Alice

Writer Of The Week - Caleb

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - James

Commitment - Olivia

Organisation - Charlotte

Resilience - Max

Excellence - Evie

This week in Literacy, Year 3 have been learning about a brand new story called 'The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon'. They have analysed the front cover of the book predicting what the story is about, the role of the characters and writing a diary entry from the perspective of the Dish and the Spoon. In Maths, Year 3 have begun another new topic 'Addition and Subtraction'. They children have looked at mentally adding 10's to a 3 digit number and problem solving 3 digit number calculations. In Science, the children have continued learning about the different food groups as well as identifying and comparing the differences between food groups and nutrient groups. In Art, the children have been drawing and designing their own Viking ship and Viking shield. Finally, we have linked together Literacy and RE for one lesson by writing a set of instructions on how to make a Torah scroll based upon the topic 'Judaism'.

Week Beginning 1st October:

Pupil Of The Week - Mark

Writer Of The Week - Lucy

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - George

Commitment - Jack

Organisation - Ruby F

Resilience - Tiana

Excellence - Benny

This week, it has been assessment work and the children have been working extremely hard with end of topics in both Literacy and Maths. In Science, we have started to look at the various food groups and provide different examples as well as identify why we need to eat food. In RE, we have looked at the stories of both Joseph and Ruth by focusing on their importance towards God's story. Finally in History, we have been comparing the significance of Anglo-Saxon kings such as King Alfred and King Athelstan during the Viking period.

Week Beginning 24th September:

Pupil Of The Week - Charlie

Writer Of The Week - Alan

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Caleb

Commitment - Mia M

Organisation - Alice

Resilience - Holly

Excellence - Emily

This week, Year 3 have been writing a concluding paragraph for their final instructions of how to trap their viking using complex sentences, similes and fronted adverbial phrases. In Maths, the children have been learning how to identify and explain number pattern sequences as well as identify more or less than and order numbers correctly. In Science, we have continued our Skeleton topic with a focus on the different muscles in our body; their function, how they contract and relax, how they move and predicting what muscles are used when performing different activities in class. In Come and See, the children have continued with their 'People' topic. They have read and been learning about the story of Abraham as well as identifying and explaining the reasons why Abraham and his wife Sarah both said 'yes' to God by using the song lyrics from the John Burland track 'Abraham'. Finally in Art, the children have been drawing different Viking landscapes in their sketchbooks based upon the paintings from the talented 20th century artist known as John Northcote Nash. 

Week Beginning 17th September:

Pupil Of The Week - Charlotte

Writer Of The Week - Olivia

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Mark

Commitment - Syzmon

Organisation - Ruby C

Resilience - Isabelle

Excellence - Halex

This week, Year 3 having been writing a set of instructions of how to trap a viking! In Maths, we have continued learning about Place Value with a focus on identifying, comparing, explaining, showing and recognising the values of different 3 digit numbers. In Science, Year 3 have continued learning about Skeletons by being able to sort animals based on the skeletons and the type of skeleton they have. Also in RE, Year 3 have focussed on recognising how is part of their family and creating their own family tree. Finally, in our Creative Curriculum, we have been learning about the Viking Timeline and sequencing the key historical events in order.

Week Beginning 10th September:

Pupil Of The Week - Joseph

Writer Of The Week - James

SCORE Certificates: 

Self Esteem - Alan

Commitment - John

Organisation - Maria

Resilience - Ava

Excellence - Alisha

12th September - Viking Day 


We had an amazing day finding out about the vikings !



Week beginning 3rd September 2018:

Pupil Of The Week - Evie

Writer Of The Week - Emily

SCORE Certificates:

Self Esteem - Charlie

Commitment - Joseph

Organisation - Elena

Resilience - Lucy

Excellence - Mia P

We have welcomed our brand new Year 3's into the Juniors and have had a fantastic first week back in school. This week the children have been learning about Dragons - we even had a special visitor waiting in the school hall! The children have written a detailed and descriptive piece of writing to describe the dragon and its features using a wide range of vocabulary. In Maths, we have began our very first topic; Place Value. In Art, the children have been reflecting and thinking about their own personal dreams and aspirations for the future (teacher, clothes desginer, artist, engineer, solider and a hairdresser), designed their own dragon eye and drawn around their own foot and decorated it using a wide range of colours and patterns from their imagination. 




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