Year 1 2018 - 2019

Miss Bill

Welcome To Year 1!

We have lots of exciting learning to look forward to this year.

This year, the class will be taught by Miss Bill and Mrs Rowson.

Welcome to our class web page. This is the place for you to discover what is going on in Year 1. We will be posting updates every week, so you can view our amazing work and all the exciting learning taking place in class. 

Spring Term 1


Week Beginning 11th February

What a busy week! On Monday it was our last swimming session. On Tuesday we enjoyed watching a pantomime of Oliver Twist. On Thursday we made special cupcakes ready for Valentine’s Day. On Friday we went into Reception and read our Information Texts about the moon to the children to teach them a bit about space.

Our Pupil of the Week was Lucas P and our Writer of the Week was Mason.

Week Beginning 4th February

This week in Year 1 we had some sad news. Some aliens had got lost! Luckily, we all wrote some super descriptions to help people find our missing friends. We loved bringing in our favourite things for Show and Tell on Friday. It was great to see what makes us all happy; from footballs, to photos, to giant unicorns!

Our Pupil of the Week was Oliver E and our Writer of the Week was Connor.

Week Beginning 28th January

We have finished writing our story based on The Man on the Moon. We enjoyed using speech and creating names for our characters using alliteration. In Maths we are learning to count in 2s and 10s. We used practical equipment including counters, coins and bead strings.

Pupil of the Week was awarded to Annabelle and Writer of the Week was awarded to Oliver E.  


Week Beginning 21st January

This week, we have continued with our space topic. We enjoyed using Google Earth to see how images taken using satellites can help us. We searched for our school and managed to spot the Key Stage 1 playground and the field! In art, we used different materials to create our own space collages.

Pupil of the Week was awarded to Kacper and Writer of the Week was awarded to Luis.

Week Beginning 14.1.19

In our second week back we have begun writing a new story based around the Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram. Bob goes to the Moon every day to tidy up and help the tourists. Some people blame the aliens for the mess but Bob knows aliens can’t exist...

Our Pupil of the Week was Cara and our Writer of the Week was Oscar.


WB 7.1.19

Happy New Year! We are all just about getting used to writing 2019 in our books! This week we began our new topic on Space. We have enjoyed singing songs to learn more about the planets in our solar system. We loved going swimming for the first time!

Our Pupil of the Week was Rosie and our Writer of the Week was Alex.


Autumn Term 2

Week Five

This week we started our new Come and See topic on Advent. Thank you to all of the parents who came in for Inspire Day and helped us to make our Advent Wreaths. We also got our parts for the nativity and we have begun learning the words to the songs. We loved watching the pantomime of Cinderella!

This Week our Pupil of the Week was Oliver and our Writer of the Week was Lucas G.

Self-Esteem was awarded to Luis D

Commitment was awarded to Annabelle

Organisation was awarded to Jacob

Resilience was awarded to Joseph

Excellence was awarded to Tilly


Week Four

Skippy John came in to teach us how to skip. We all had a go at skipping on the big rope. Some of us managed to turn around and even do star jumps! We began our new Science topic on materials. We made houses out of Lego and experimented with roofs made out of paper, tin foil, plastic and wooden lolly sticks. They weren’t all very waterproof!

There was no Celebration Assembly this week so Pupil of the Week will be awarded next week instead.

Week Three- 12th November

This week in Maths we have explored number bonds to 7. We used cubes and counters to help us and we acted as Maths Detectives as we played Hunt the Bond! We have also carried on with our Gingerbread Man story. He has now escaped the house and is running away! On Friday we all wore red to support Show Racism the Red Card.

This Week our Pupil of the Week was Porche and our Writer of the Week was Natalia.

Self-Esteem was awarded to Oliver E

Commitment was awarded to Rosie

Organisation was awarded to Cooper

Resilience was awarded to Nicole

Excellence was awarded to Lucas P


Week Two - 5th November

This week we have been learning our number bonds to 6. We also began writing the story of The Gingerbread Man. He is just about to jump out of the oven! In Come and See, we have started learning about signs and symbols and went on a tour of the school taking pictures of any signs and symbols we could find.

This Week our Pupil of the Week was Alex and our Writer of the Week was Kacper.


Self-Esteem was awarded to Cara

Commitment was awarded to Joseph

Organisation was awarded to Evie

Resilience was awarded to Connor

Excellence was awarded to Noah


Week One - 29th September

We have had a busy first week back! We have continued to work on our number bonds and we have written all about our trips out trick-or-treating. We did an afternoon of Design Technology and enjoyed making paper lanterns and banana ghosts.

This Week our Pupil of the Week was Ben and our Writer of the Week was Cooper.

Self-Esteem was awarded to Emily

Commitment was awarded to Alicja

Organisation was awarded to Harry

Resilience was awarded to Porche

Excellence was awarded to Archie


Autumn Term 1

Week Five 1st October

We have had a busy week! We continued with our topic on the seaside and learned how the seaside was different in the Victorian Times. We wrote about a holiday at the seaside using our senses. On Friday, we all dressed up in bright colours to raise money for CAFOD.

Our Pupil of the Week was Joseph and our Writer of the Week was Lucas P.


Week Four 24th September

This week we have been practising finding one more and one less than a number. We have used lots of equipment to help us, including money. In Science, we looked at the seasons and explored how animals and plants are different in Spring and Autumn. We enjoyed eating cake to raise money for Macmillan!

Our Pupil of the Week was Porche and our Writer of the Week was Annabelle.


Week Three 17th September

This week we have been working more on our new topics. We have been exploring the seasons and how we prepare for each of them. We also looked at the seaside, and the different activities we can do on the beach.

We enjoyed starting a new story in Writing, all about a train journey.

Our Pupil of the Week was Alicja and our Writer of the Week was Nicole.


Week Two 10th September

This week we began writing a piece all about ourselves, describing our appearance and the things we like.

We all learned to use some more of our Maths equipment and practised counting forwards and backwards to 20.

Our Pupil of the Week was Connor and our Writer of the Week was Emily.


Week One 4th September

We have had a great first week back at St Anne’s! The children have all enjoyed catching up with their old friends and making new ones.

We did our first piece of writing about our Summer Holidays and learned how to use some of our new Maths equipment.

We have also been exploring our School Mission Statement and why it is so important to everyone in our school.

Our Pupil of the Week was Lucas G and our Writer of the Week was Cara.


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