Year 5 2020 - 2021

Mrs Pimlott

Welcome to Year 5

This is the place for you to discover what is going on in Year 5. We will be posting regular updates, so you can view our amazing work and all the exciting learning taking place in class. Keep checking back to see more wonderful things as the year progresses.



Week ending: 18th December

Self Esteem: 





Pupil of the week:

Writer of the week: 

PE Star of the week: 

Science: Creating and testing circuits.


Week ending: 11th December

Self Esteem: Alan

Commitment: Joseph

Organisation: Isabelle

Resilience: Halex 

Excellence: Tiana

Pupil of the week: John

Writer of the week: Lucy

PE Star of the week: Alisha & Noah

Week ending: 27th November

Self Esteem: Joseph

Commitment: Mark

Organisation: Evie

Resilience: Ruby 

Excellence: Lucy

Pupil of the week: Ava

Writer of the week: Mia P

PE Star of the week: Benny

Art & Design: Exploring the work of Corey Barksdale.

PE: Ball control skills in Hockey.


Week ending: 20th November

Self Esteem: James

Commitment: Mia Mc

Organisation: Charlotte

Resilience: Szymon

Excellence: George

Pupil of the week: Alan

Writer of the week: Ruby C

PE Star of the week: Evie


Week ending: 13th November

Self Esteem: Mia P

Commitment: Szymon

Organisation: Elena

Resilience: Holly

Excellence: Caleb

Pupil of the week: Emily

Writer of the week: Halex

PE Star of the week: Charlie

RE: Researching Hinduism


Week ending: 6th November

Self Esteem: Emily

Commitment: Charlie

Organisation: Alisha

Resilience: Alice

Excellence: Isabelle

Pupil of the week: Mia

Writer of the week: Elena

PE Star of the week: Ava

PE: Ball control skills in Hockey.


Week ending: 23rd October

Self Esteem: Lucy

Commitment: Halex

Organisation: John

Resilience: Maria

Excellence: Holly

Pupil of the week: Caleb

Writer of the week: Noah

Online learner of the week: Mark

Science: Properties of materials - dissolving

PE: Football skills with the Jamie Carragher Academy.


Week ending: 16th October

Self Esteem: Jack

Commitment: Maria

Organisation: Halex

Resilience: Isabelle

Excellence: Alisha

Pupil of the week: George

Writer of the week: Charlotte

Online learner of the week: Alan

PSHE: How we work well with others.


Week ending: 9th October

Self Esteem: Charlotte

Commitment: Benny

Organisation: Emily

Resilience: Ruby

Excellence: Mark

Pupil of the week: Year 5

Writer of the week: Year 5

Online learner of the week: Maria

Science: Testing properties of materials.


Week ending: 2nd October

Self Esteem: Tiana

Commitment: Jack

Organisation: Olivia

Resilience: James

Excellence: Joseph

Pupil of the week: Maria

Writer of the week: Mark

Online learner of the week: Ruby

PE: Developing our ball skills.


Week ending: 25th September

Self Esteem: Holly

Commitment: Lucy

Organisation: Alan

Resilience: Noah

Excellence: Mia M

Pupil of the week: Isabelle

Writer of the week: Alice

Online learner of the week: Olivia

Spanish & Art: Picasso inspired portraits.


Week ending: 18th September

Self Esteem: Isabelle

Commitment: John

Organisation: Ruby

Resilience: Charlie

Excellence: Noah

Pupil of the week: Alisha

Writer of the week: Szymon

Reader of the week: James

Online learner of the week: Mia

PE & PSHE - Teamwork makes the dream work.


Week ending: 11th September

Self Esteem: Alice

Commitment: Elena

Organisation: Mia

Resilience: Ava


Pupil of the week: Holly

Writer of the week: Olivia

Reader of the week: Halex

Online learner of the week: Mark

Art & PSHE: Only One You


Week ending: 3rd September

Self Esteem:





The children have been superstars this week, demonstrating all of our SCORE values each and every day. We are incredibly proud of the way they have settled and we are looking forward to the year ahead.

Art: Doodles of our imagination.


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