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Mrs Ward

Welcome to Year 5 Class Web Page

Mrs Ward and Miss Grice

Welcome to our class web page. This is the place for you to discover what is going on in Year 5. We will be regularly posting updates, so you can view our amazing work and all the exciting learning taking place in class. Keep checking back to see more wonderful things as the year progresses.

Week beginning 9.7.18

This week has been incredibly busy in Year 5 - with so much to finish off before the end of the year! We have finished off our World's Worst Children stories, learnt about rivers and been on a taster day to St. Cuthbert's High School.


Pupils of the Week: Leon & Tia C

Writer of the Week: Heidi

Week beginning 2.7.18


This week pupils have interviewed for next year's House Captains and Vice Captains by Mrs Crolla and Mrs Porter. They were then voted for and elected by the current Y6s. We would like to introduce our new House Captains and Vice Captains and wish them well with their duties!

We also had a fun week taking part in science experiments as part of our school Science Week! Thanks for all the plastic bottles you sent in!



Pupil of the Week: Josh G

Writer of the Week: Charlie

S.C.O.R.E. values champions

S (self-esteem) =    Ian

C (commitment) = Oskar

  O (Organisaton) = Ruby

 R (Resilience) = Aaron

E (Excellence) = Leon

Week beginning 25.6.18

It has been assessment week in Year 5 as well as sports day! The children have taken it all in their stride and impressed their teachers with how much they have learned this year. We have also been taking part in some outdoor maths, creating our own World's Worst Children in the style of David Walliams and dressing up as scientists to raise money for Science Week next week. For our science experiment we will need lots of empty 2 litre bottle. Please send any you have in on Monday.



We also want to say a big "WELL DONE" to two of our pupils who had over 34 inches of hair cut off between them to donate to The Little Princess Trust to make wigs for children. They have also been asking for sponsors so they can raise money for Cancer Research.

Pupil of the week: Aaron

Writer of the Week: Tia

DoJo Winners: Faye, Leon and Dominic


S.C.O.R.E. values champions

S (self-esteem) =    Molly

C (commitment) = Amelia

  O (Organisaton) = Oscar

 R (Resilience) = Leon

E (Excellence) = Isla



Week beginning 18.6.18

This week in English, we have been excellent news reporters, finishing our first news article (based on the sentencing of Stanley Yelnats in Holes) and investigating for our second report (based on the story of Kissing Kate Barlow in Holes), which we will write next week. In maths, we have been continuing to learn about angles and to find missing angles in triangles and rectangles. In the afternoons, we have been artists-  studying the artwork of Gustav Klimpt, experimenting with paint, collage and other materials and using different techniques to create our own artwork in a similar style. Next week, as a school, we will be celebrating David Walliams Week - please bring in any David Walliams books you have to share with the class. Click on the link below to find out more.

Image result for david walliams weel



Pupil of the week: Ben C

Writer of the Week: Angel

DoJo Winners: Wojciech, Leon and Sophie


S.C.O.R.E. values champions

S (self-esteem) =    Charlie

C (commitment) = Libby

  O (Organisaton) = Nicola

 R (Resilience) = Aimee

E (Excellence) = Tia

Week beginning 11.6.18

Year 5 have come back to school after the half term break ready and rearing to go. In English, we started writing a newspaper article and I have been so impressed by the mature choices of vocabulary (misdemeanour, perpertrator and accomplice are just a few of the amazing words used)! In Maths this week, we learnt to use a protractor and discovered that angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees - then used what we have found out to solve problems. We have also started our new science topic "Lifecycles and Animals including Humans - growing up". Check out the pictures of our super scientists at work below:



Pupil of the week: Josh G

Writer of the Week: Dominic

DoJo Winners: ?? and ??


S.C.O.R.E. values champions

S (self-esteem) = Courtney  

C (commitment) = Angel

  O (Organisaton) = Sophie

 R (Resilience) = Liana

E (Excellence) = Ruby


Week beginning 21.5.18


We have reached the end of half-term, and have spent the week reviewing our learning in maths and editing, redrafting and producing our final Survival Guide. We also been very creative this week, finshing our DT project - making emoji cushions. We were extremely pleased with our final products.


In history, we have continued to find out more about Mayans. We even made our own Mayan masks!



Pupil of the week: Nicola

Writer of the Week: Isla

DoJo Winners: Sophie and Joshua G


S.C.O.R.E. values champions

S (self-esteem) = Leon and Thomas

C (commitment) =

  O (Organisaton) = 

 R (Resilience) = 

E (Excellence) = Oskar


Week beginning 14.5.18


What a great end to a busy week - celebrating the Royal Wedding in style- with a picnic in the sunshine, crafts and a fun afternoon. We have also been creating our own stop-animation movies in computing, learning how to convert time in maths,  and writing our own survival guides.

Pupil of the week: Lewis

Writer of the Week: Sophie

DoJo Winners: Sophie and Lewis


S.C.O.R.E. values champions

S (self-esteem) =  

C (commitment) =

  O (Organisaton) =

 R (Resilience) Amelia, Libby, Lewis, Josh G

E (Excellence) =


Week beginning 7.5.18

We have had a busy week in year 5! A visit from a mathematical genius:

Magical maths of our own, discovering square and cube numbers:


We’ve also been fact finding about Mayan Civilisations in history, sewing in D.T. and completing some amazing writing in R.E. (Check out our fantastic work gallery!). 


Pupil of the week: Molly

Writer of the Week: Oskar

DoJo Winners: Heidi, Ben M


S.C.O.R.E. values champions

S (self-esteem) =  

C (commitment) = Grace 

O (Organisaton) = Josh P

R (Resilience) Heidi

E (Excellence) =Aimee


Week beginning 30.4.18

This week we have been immersing ourselves in the book Image result for holes book"Holes" by Louis Sachar. We have written some fantastic setting descriptions, then spent Thursday afternoon den-building and role-playing being campers at Camp Green Lake. Next week, this will help us to write a Survival Guide!  



In Maths, we have been grappling with perimeter and area, working hard every lesson to master these skills. In fact, we've worked so hard, that we definitely deserve an extra day off! Enjoy the bank holiday weekend everyone.

Pupil of the week: Dominic

Writer of the Week: Ben C

DoJo Winners: Courtney, Heidi, Leon   

S.C.O.R.E. values champions

S (self-esteem) = Taia  C (commitment) = Thomas,  O (Organisaton) = Ben M, R (Resilience) = Faye, E (Excellence) = Liana




Half Term 5 - Biomes and Mayans

We are beginning this half term by investigating Biomes in geography, then moving on to discovering Mayan Civillisation in history. We will continue with our space topic in science.


Half Term 4 - "Launch into Space"

Our current Science topic is the Earth and Space. We will be investigating the movements of the sun and moon and other planets in our solar system. We will also be linking this to our English work. Looking at the Space Race and producing reports and balanced arguments.


Half Term 3 and 4 - "How can we discover the wonders of Ancient Greece?"

Our current topic is Ancient Greece. We will be linking our English learning to a number of Greek Myths, learning how to write different persuasive texts, and also our own Myth. In topic, are going to looking at the geography of Greece and different aspects of Ancient Greek civilisation.

Half Term 2 -  "Could I have survived in the Iron Age?"

Recreating Stonehenge


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