Terrifying Tuesday

Date: 26th Feb 2018 @ 8:06pm

/Hello, this is a St Anne`s year 5  blog. Did you know that there was a bomb at the top of Reginald Road? It was the best day ever, ( if I do say so myself). I  was jumping for joy but also worried because it's near a lot of houses .The police came rushing up the car park  with beaming lights and what I would describe as the loudest thing I have ever heard. They told the teachers to evacuate. The reason is the police and bomb squad found a unexploded ww2 bomb and it had been there for more than 60 years! It was the most  terrifying and nerve wracking  experience of my whole  entire life . Although  it was fun, I  do not want it to happen ever again . Has this ever happened to you ? Has your school ever had to evacuate ? On terrifying Tuesday the whole of Reginald Road needed to leave their homes until the bomb squad removed it. The school went to the church where all the parents picked up their children. Some people ran to their parents and some just walked and were not bothered .

A while later , the bomb squad got rid  of the bomb. How you may ask? Well, by blowing it up ... Only joking they did a controlled explosion and then blew it up ! It all ended happily though, everyone on the road went back home and nobody died so it`s a win, win!

by AA




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