Archaeological Fun

Date: 26th Feb 2018 @ 8:02pm

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an Archaeologist ? Do you want to know how much evidence they can gather? Wait, Wait, Wait, I can sense your're not paying attention, fine, but you'll miss out on this legendary story! Anyway let's get back to the story. Did you know that most of your topics at school ( e.g Ancient Greece) could have been made by archaeogical evidence? 

On Thursday 22nd February, Y5 had a go! When you hear the word 'archaeology' you probably think of fossils. Well, how did we find out about ancient times? So, each table (or team) was given a tray of sand and a small paint brush. Feeling excited, we wondered what we where doing and why was there something hidden in it . There was also a team captain, who would put the puzzle pieces together. 

Afterwards, we wrote about what we did and designed a Greek pot! It was a really interesting, fun and interactive history lesson! It was really enjoyable.


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