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Here you will find information and pictures regarding all of the exciting sporting events happening at St Anne's, alongside details of all our extra-curricular clubs and competitive events. We are aiming to achieve at least Silver School Games award this year by participating in different local sporting competitions for our pupils to participate in. Please check back regularly for termly updates on current topics in school. Mr Burton - Year 3 teacher and PE Subject Lead

Spring Term 1:

This term, 32 lucky children are taking part in a Judo Breakfast Club that takes place every Tuesday morning from 8am-9am. It is a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn and develop skills safely and effectively. KS1 and KS2 are taking part in Multi Skills and Multi Sports afterschool on a Wednesday and Thursday afterschool.

S7 Multi-Sports Academy will be visiting St Anne’s on Monday 27th January to host a wide range of sporting activities for the children to participate in. Each class will approximately spend half an hour taking part in the sporting sessions.The children will need to come into school dressed in either a tracksuit or school PE kit. Please also make sure your child wears suitable sporting footwear. Please ensure that your child’s sponsorship forms are returned to school on the day of the event in order to record sponsors. 

Upcoming Sporting Events this term: 

  • KS1 Multi Skills
  • Y3/4 Athletics
  • Y5/6 Basketball
  • Y4 Football

Autumn Term 2:

Please see attached opportunity for our pupils being offered by Pilks FC. Pupils don’t have to be in teams and mates can play with mates from different clubs. 

Autumn Term 1:

Next term, the children have the opportunity to sign up for Fitness afterschool club. First come, first serve! To secure a place, ensure you immediately bring your return slip to the school office ASAP!  Letters will be handed out after the half term holidays.

Saints October Camps 2019 (Half Term)

22.10.19 - We had 10 of our Year 4 and Year 5 children taking part in a Year 5 Football Tournament at Ruskin Drive. 

15.10.19 - We had 10 of our Year 2 and Year 3 children taking part in a Year 3 Football Tournament at Ruskin Drive. 

From the beginning of our first term of a new school year, we have been collecting Aldi Team GB stickers to have the fantastic opportunity of recieving an exclusive school sports kit as well as win one of the £20,000 prizes! Each poster requires 300 stickers and as a school, we have filled and completed 3 posters containing 900 stickers. Well done and thank you so much to the children and parents who have contributed!

Sports Clubs - This term we have had an Archery Club for 5 weeks where our children have been learning about the art, sport and skills of practising of using a bow to shoot arrows at a target. Also there have been Multi Sports clubs and Dodgeball clubs afterschool with Mr Goulding. 

My thoughts about PE:

I am extremely passionate about my subject because it is fun, rewarding and contributes to a child's professional development and their own wellbeing. PE enables all students to enjoy and succeed in many kinds of physical activity. PE helps students develop personally and socially. They work as individuals, in groups and in teams, developing concepts of fairness and of personal and social responsibility.

Out of school activities:

Every term, our school have set up different sporting clubs to give children access to a wider variety of sports and opportunities. help encourage more children to continue playing sport after school and also create a pathway toward competitive and elite sport.

Sporting Tournaments:

Across the school academic year, the children in different year groups will take part in a variety of sporting tournament and events from different schools. We will share their success and sporting achievements. This will be updated on the schools PE working wall and PE page on our school website.

Parental Reminder:

Your child must always bring their PE kit into school for their lessons.

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