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Why do we teach spelling?

Spelling is a large part of the writing aspect of the national curriculum. Aside from that, being good spellers allows pupils to become more confident, fluent writers. If they are able to spell, they can devote more of their time and energy to the content of what they are writing, and are often more willing to use adventurous vocabulary.

At St. Annes, we teach spelling through the Read Write Inc. Spelling programme. We also encourage families to support their children to learn spelling, that are frequently sent out as homework. For more information about the spelling programme, click the link below.

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What about grammar and punctuation?

Grammar and punctuation are two other key feature in the writing aspect of the national curriculum. In our school, Grammar and punctuation are taught mainly through English lessons. Occasionally, some grammar concepts may be taught discretely. Children are taught to use the proper terminology for grammatical concepts, and how to apply them in their writing. For explanations of the grammatical terms, see the file at the bottom of the page. 

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