Fantastic Work Gallery


Here is our New Year's Resolutions display. We are reaching for the stars this year.



Here are the Egyptian artefacts we made and the projects we completed at home. Some of us made amulets, some made pyramids, some made canopic jars and someone even made a cartouche. All of them were absolutely fantastic!


As part of our plant topic, we decorated a plant pot and then planted a seed. We took these home to look after. Bring in some photos when yours starts to grow. We also made a human model of the parts of a flower. Can you guess which part is which?




In maths, we have been looking at fractions. We were challenged to make certain fractions using items from around the classroom. We worked in pairs. Here are some of the fractions we made.


World Book Day 1/03




Spring Term



Pizza Making



Easter Bonnet Winners

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