Current learning

Week 3 Autumn 2 16.11.20 Literacy will be narrative poem of The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.  Maths will continue with multipication of 2 x 1 digit and 3 x 1 digit numbers.  Spanish will be the curriculum this week and in RE we will be looking at Judaism as other faiths and in Collective Worship the theme is Uniqueness.

Week2 Autumn 2 9.11.20 Literacy this week willcontinue with Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce, looking at where Liam and Florida will end up.  Maths is multiplication and moving onto division.   Geography is looking at map skills and using compass points continuing to read maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate countries and describe features studied.  In RE we will be completing looking at Hinduism as other faiths and remebering our fallen heros in Collective Worship. 

Week 1 Autumn 2 2.11.20 Literacy this week will be Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce, Maths is multiplication, Geography is Locational Knowledge where we will identify the position and significance of latitude longitude, Equator, the tropics of cancer and Capricorn, the Prime/Greenwich meridian and time zones (including day and night) and geographical skills and Field work are using maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate countries and describe features studied.  In RE we will be completing our assessed tasks of ordination.

Week 8 - 19.10.20 - Literacy is continuing Explorer (Raft), Maths is subtracting 3 and 4 digit numbers in problem solving, Science is look at properties of materials (dissolving) and Review and Do will be done at the end of the week for Spanish, Science, PSHE and Music.

Week 7 - 12.10.20 - Literacy isi continuing Explorer (The Den), Maths is Subracting 3 and 4 digit numbers, Science is properties of materials looking at using electrical circuits.

Week 6 - 5.10.20 - Assessment Week, Literacy is continuing Explorer and Science is properties of Materials looking at vocabulary and using dictionaries.

Week 5 - 28.9.20 -  we are looking at Explorer by Katherine Rundell in Literacy, in Maths we are looking at rounding and we are going to respond and celebrate our end of RE Loving topic.  In music we are looking at rock music and enjoying Living on a prayer by Bon Jovi.  In PSHE we are looking at refugees and discussing how people, especially children, have the right to food, water, warmth, shelter and an education.

Week 4 - River - in Literacy we are coming to the end of River and the children will make predictions how the story will end.  Maths is still place value and moving onto columnar addition and subtractions.  PSHE Jigsaw - being me - is being followed, RE is still Loving, with RSE being introduced.  Spanish will be reviewed and we are moving onto Music - looking at original song - Living on a prayer.

Week 2  and 3 - River - in Literacy looking at flowing into different places and locations.  Maths - recapping place value and ordering measures plus times tables knowledge.  We have introduced PSHE Jigsaw together with Loving in RE and learning to say hello, how we are feelilng, greetings, colours and numbers in Spanish.

Week 1 - Only one you - by Linda Krantx

Please try to look at the story before you return to school.  Thank you.


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