Year 1/2 2017-2018

Mrs Wylde

Welcome to Year 1/2!

We have lots of exciting learning to look forward to this term.

The staff working with your children are; Mrs Wylde, Miss Ryan and Mrs. Lyons.

Welcome to our class web page. This is the place for you to discover what is going on in Year 1/2. We will be posting updates every week, so you can view our amazing work and all the exciting learning taking place in class. 

Week Beginning 9th July

This week we have had a visit from the Philippi Trust- they talked to the children about listening to them when they need a listening ear and support. Please see the pack the children brought home. We have been talking about Choices in RE. We discussed good chioces and not so good choices we have made.

Pupil of the week- Jamie and Ashley

Writer of the week- Warren

SCORE Winners this week

Self esteem- Luke

Commitment- Maisie K

Organisation- Isabelle

Resilience- Sam

Excellence- Olivia

Week beginning 2nd July

This week we have all been mini scienctists. we have been predicting which bubble substance( soap, fairy liquis, bubblebath etc) Then we found out which one blew the most bubbles. Then we completed a table to show the amount of bubbles and we craeted a bar graph. The children enjoyed finding out if they where correct or not.

Pupil of the week- Thomas C

Writer of the week- Billy

SCORE Winners this week

Self esteem- Billy

Commitment- Patrick

Organisation- John

Resilience- Zak A

Excellence- Lewis

Week beginning25th June

What a busy week!! We have had a fabulous time at Sports day. We are so proud of all the children for taking part and showing all  their SCORE as represented St Anne's with passion and pride.We completed the week with a fabulous Super Scientist day. Can you decide what science they do in their job? 

DONT FORGET SCIENCE WEEK NEXT WEEK!!!- Exploration of bubbles

Image result for images of bubbles bursting 


Week beginning 18th June

Well  this week Fred Frog told us all about Spain his second destination. He went to a Holy Communion, sunbathed on the golden sandy beach and ate Paella with the spanish people. OOH LA LA !!

Image result for paella images Image result for spanish flags

Pupil of the week- Luke

Writer of the week- Sam

SCORE Winners this week

Self esteem- Sean David

Commitment- Rhys

Organisation- Ashley

Resilience- Billy

Excellence- Hannah

Week beginning 11th June

This week we are very proud of our Y1 children as they have worked really hard in their Phonics tests. Well Done everyone! The children have really enjoyed learning about Fred Frogs first holiday destination Tunisia.He found out about the foods they eat, the plants that grow,the weather and much more. I wonder where he will tell us about next week.

Image result for frog on the beach Image result for tunisian flag

Pupil of the week- Ava

Writer of the week- Isabelle

SCORE Winners this week

Self esteem- Lexi

Commitment- Mia 

Organisation- Ethan

Resilience- Zak A

Excellence- Zak S

Week beginning 21st May

This week we have been observing the seeds that we palnted and watching how they grow. We have looked at the tallest, longest and most healthy plant. The children have been thinking about questions to ask Fred Frog as he embarks on his journey around the world over the next 2 weeks. Watch this space!

Image result for fred frog images

Pupil of the week- Zak S

Writer of the week- Rhys

SCORE Winners this week

Self esteem- Bethany

Commitment- John

Organisation- Olivia

Resilience- Patrick

Excellence- Maisie K

Week beginning 14th May

This week we have been preparing for the Royal Wedding celebrations. We have been writing menus for the wedding party , designing outfits for the Bride and Groom. On friday morning we made bunting, flags,crowns for our celebration lunch. We even baked our own cakes and weighed and measured out the ingredients and decorated them. WHAT FUN!!

Pupil of the week: John Blaney

S.C.O.R.E. values champions of the week

Self Esteem - Sam Davey

Commitment - Luke 

Organisaton - Ashley

Resilience - Jakub

Excellence - John

Week beginning 7th May 

This week we have been busy with tests and completed book reviews after listening to and discussing the story. We had a visit from a Mathematical Professor, who inspired us all with his fantastic mathematical knowledge. Please see flyers to take part in his after school clubs.





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